Welcome to the Empire State Gallery!

Chapters I & II are pictures of
our family and pets, respectively.

Starting with Chapter III is an ongoing chronicle of our initial move to, and life in, Burlington, Vermont, and subsequent move to Plattsburgh, New York. The pictures are separated into chapters, and new chapters will be added regularly. Simply click on each specific chapter link to visit that specific gallery. Enjoy the pictures, and please come back and visit often.

Note: Once you click on a picture,
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Chapter I: The Corso Family

Chapter II: The Corso Pets

Chapter III: The First Look At Vermont

Chapter IV: The First Look at Barrett House

Chapter V: The Very Beginning

Chapter VI: The New Furniture

Chapter VII: The Furniture Arrives from SF

Chapter VIII: Finally Settled

Chapter IX: The Anniversary Party

Chapter X: The Trip to Montpelier

Chapter XI: Christmas in Vermont

Chapter XII: More Christmas in Vermont

Chapter XIII: Nor'easter 2001

Chapter XIV: Easter 2001

Chapter XV: Boston

Chapter XVI: Burlington Gay Pride Festival 2001

Chapter XVII: Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe

Chapter XVIII: UVM, Plattsburgh, Autumn 2001

Chapter XIX: Prospect House: The First Look

Chapter XX: Prospect House: All Settled


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