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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream All Natural - Vermont's Finest!
Cake Recipes More cake recipes than you can handle!
Campbell's Soup Check out the recipes...quick 'n easy!
Cheesecake Recipes From the PastryWiz Food Resource Center
Chef Paul Prudhomme Seasonings, Recipes & Paul's Tips 'N Tricks!
Cookie Recipes All Cookies, All the Time!
Cookie Recipes (European) Cookie Recipes from Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Cooking.com Great selection of bakeware, cookware, small appliances and more.
Epicurious Bon Appetit Very well done, exquisite recipes and more!
Foodcourt.com Information on dining, restaurants, wine, Coffee, recipes, cook books, and online delivery
Fritos® A Celebration of all things Frito-Lay!
Godiva Chocolatier The universal language of chocolate...you have to look at the recipes!
Hershey's Chocolate Chocolate World, Gift Shop & More!
Internet Epicurean Food-related e-zine, featuring recipe links, tips on utensil use (The Ins and Outs of Pots & Pans), and a number of food-related links!
Kellog's® Planet K™ Kellog's - All Over the World!
Kraft Interactive Kitchen Tons of recipes and information about Kraft Foods!
Ragú Ragú Sauce
"On-Line Cookbook" Recipes, food, cooking, glossary, and the recipe of the day!
Pastry Wiz Recipe Archive Select from the categories or use the search option
Pastry Wiz Home Page The Food Resource Center
Great Cookware The cookware, appliance, bakeware and cooking tool resource!
Pillsbury Doughboy The Doughboy's Home on the World Wide Web!
Recipes by Ari Rapkin An interesting collection of recipes.
Salad Recipes Get your dose of Vitamin Green - Salads & Dressings Galore!
Spam Haiku Archive Home Page An archive of Spam® Poetry?
Spam Official Home Page! Who could live without Spam®?
Spamtastic Catalog Yet more Spam!
Taste New York Dedicated to fulfilling your cravings for the Tastes of New York!
Tyson® Consumer Kitchen CHICKEN!! Online Recipe Book and Recipe Retriever!
Food Allergy Network Just in case!
Body Mass Calculator How brave are you? After all that food, check this out to determine your percentage of body fat!
Diet Section
Ask the Dietitian The site four sound nutritional advice by Joanne Larsen, MS, RD, LD
Cyberdiet Always the best place to go to answer all your questions about adopting a healthy lifestyle
DietWatch A supportive community offering a daily diary and interactive tools for managing your diet, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Free enrollment!
eDiets The leading online diet center with a community of over 779,000 men and women, the place to lose weight the safe and natural way with a well-balanced weight loss program. 
eFit The online health and fitness network.

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